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Football not taking your fancy this weekend?


Switch play and try something different


It’s Wales vs Switzerland, England vs Croatia, Indoors vs Outdoors: this weekend is set to be another glorious one weather wise and whilst the Euros are drawing you in, the great British summer is luring you out. If the pull of the outdoors is set to triumph, here are some ideas of what you could get up to…

Flying solo? Why not take a moment of indulgence? Grab your book (or kindle), pack a selection of yummy snacks and drinks and head to your nearest local park or woodland to enjoy some uninterrupted peace. Not a reader? Take your AirPods and zone out. Bliss.

Coupling up? Take advantage of the fact many will be glued to their screens and secure that elusive restaurant reservation (make sure said restaurant or bar doesn’t have a big screen as these are sure to be jammed as well!). With hospitality only just opening up, you’ve had to book a night out pretty far in advance so far- this could be your chance to beat the crowds.  Make sure to phone ahead or book online to ensure you’re not disappointed! Check out trip advisor to discover some top-rated places near you.

Family outing? You could try geocaching (pronounced geo-kash-ing)- a worldwide outdoor treasure hunt! There are over 3 million hidden geocaches all over the world and 5 million players. You can guarantee there will be one close to you, it’s free to play, gets you out into the beautiful outdoors and is a chance to explore a new part of your local area. ‘Geocache’ is derived from ‘geo’, which means earth, and ‘cache’, which means a hidden item or treasure. It’s all about finding treasures in the great outdoors. First, head to to create a free account, then find a geocache close to you. You will need your smart phone or GPS to enter the coordinates and a small token or prize to leave behind (think novelty rubbers, stickers, sealed mini packets of sweets etc.). Once you have entered the coordinates, follow your GPS to get nearby the spot then use your wits to find it (there will be clues on the geocaching website). Fill out the logbook and choose a cache to keep. Replace this with the cache you’ve brought with you. Your final job is to log your find at and sign up for the next one!

So if you fancy tackling something other than football this weekend, combine technology and the great outdoors with one of the above suggestions.

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