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Spring bank holiday ideas


This spring bank holiday is going to be a special one; it’s going to be one for us all to let our over-grown hair down and have fun in the sunshine and bask in our freedoms!



London, in essence, is everything and anything you want it to be. No two trips to London can possibly be alike due to its vast scope of diversity, and if you’ve never been before, now’s the time to visit, because right now is when London is gearing up for a fabulous summertime. With eight fantastic royal parks, there is ample outdoors space for picnics, walks or just plain-old sightseeing, for you can see many of London’s prime landmarks from a simple park bench, including Buckingham Palace and Big Ben. Whether it’s a play, an opera, a tour, a burlesque show, a sporting event, a wine tasting class or anything else which may tickle your fancy, London will have something for you.


Beach walks – the White Cliffs of Dover and Cornwall.

Even when the weather isn’t perfect, a walk down the beach – either alone, as a couple or with the family – can be one of the nicest, most relaxing activities to engage in. The water gently crashing up against the shoreline as you stroll alongside the ocean, looking out to the distant horizon. It’s also something the kids will absolutely love whilst they’re off from school, as most children love simple walks down the beach. Whether it’s skimming stones across the sea or looking for rare and weird washed-up artefacts on the sand, children will always have a fun, if not healthy, experience, and what better place to do this than Dover? The White Cliffs are spectacular to marvel at, and the best way to see them is to take a walk along the coastal path towards South Foreland Lighthouse.


The Lake District.

By far the most popular mountainous region in England and possibly the UK, the Lake District is a much-loved holiday destination for families everywhere, with more than 19 million visitors each year. Largely famous for its lakes, forests and mountains, it is also well-known for its associations with William Wordsworth and other Lake Poets, as well as Beatrix Potter and John Ruskin. All the land in England which is higher than 3,000 feet above sea level exclusively lies within the Lake District National Park, including Scafell Pike which is officially the highest mountain in England. The deepest (Wastwater) and largest (Windermere) natural lakes in England are here too. With hotels, camping sites, and various exhibitions to offer, it will be a winner for any family.

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