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Mini-heatwave set for this weekend!


Get ready for a mini-heatwave today and Saturday with temperatures expected to reach 26C

Today promises 22C, while Saturday, after a foggy start, will clear with blue skies and lots of sunshine throughout the day. However, if you’re planning days out or BBQs at home, don’t expect the warm weather to last. The remnants of Hurricane Humberto are heading to the UK with heavy rain and strong winds expected late Sunday and into the following week.

Met Office Meteorologist Luke Miall said: “Some mist and fog first thing but for most, we’re looking at clear blue skies and lots of sunshine through Friday.

“If you’re up early, a little bit on the nippy side temperatures will rise with plenty of sunshine to come and through the day that mist and fog clears away fairly readily.

“There will be long spells of sunshine, barely a cloud in the sky for everyone and feeling warm as well. Temperatures widely getting into the 20s through the day, peaking in the south between 23 to 25 Celsius.”

The temperatures this weekend are up to eight degrees above average, with a forecast high of 26c in eastern England tomorrow.
Emma Smith, a Met Office Meteorologist, said: “In eastern areas, we are likely to see 26C (78.8F) as a maximum temperature – this time of the year we should have a maximum of 18C (64.4F) or 19C (66.2F) in London.”

More Autumnal weather will arrive Sunday, thanks to Hurricane Humberto, which battered Bermuda on Wednesday night. Over 28,000 homes and businesses in the British territory were without electricity. Monday is the first day of autumn and it will likely feel like it!
Unsettled weather will spread across most of the UK with falling temperatures and heavy rain and strong winds, although Hurricane Humberto will no longer be classified as a hurricane when it arrives.

Smith continued: “It will be quite unstable all next week with low pressure coming towards us through the jet stream.

“On Tuesday there will be widespread showers – the heaviest showers will be in the South West with a few rumbles of thunder.

“Most of the rain will be in the North West and there’s a risk of gales, so it will be quite an unsettled end to the month.”

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